Completion rate of all the anime manga series on AniList

Sprouted from a personal need, AniCheck uses the public AniList API to check the completion rate of all the series of anime that have been watched in the selected public account.


  • Typescript
  • React
  • Material UI


University project for the course of Advanced User Interfaces.

The goal of the project was to create an interactive experience for atypical children utilizing the MagikRoom environment designed the game balancing the generative and the puzzle content, developed with Unity and user tested. The project was presented at the EdMedia+ conference.


  • Unity
  • C#

More Projects

  • Towny - Website built for the course of Hypermedia Applications.
  • PotPlayer User Test Syncer - Tool for controlling and synching multiple instances of PotPlayer during user tests.
  • Controverso - WebMagazine managed by young people of my hometown. Built from ground up the Wordpress website with widgets and custom theme. Managed SEO, social media and analytics.
  • MagazIndie - Wordpress website for a nascent italian indie music magazine.
  • Flutter Apps - Projects for the course of Device Agnostice Desing.
  • GPT-3 Chat Bot - An example of our idea for the Politecnico course of Digital Business Lab. (Made it before it was cool)
  • AutoLootBot - A Chrome extension to automate telegram interactions with the telegram game LootBot.